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Secluded in the heart of the Cederberg Wilderness, the Rondegat 4x4 Trail is a 15 kilometre route that has a grade of two to three. It is circular, and takes about two to three hours to complete. Drivers can expect sandy, rocky terrain with a number of rocky climbs to test your skills and your control over your 4x4 vehicle. While the route is open all year round and no formal guide is necessary, drivers need to be aware that the rocks will be slippery and the course more challenging after the rains. Upon reaching the summit, gorgeous views of the Clanwilliam Dam and the Cederberg Mountains are sure to impress upon you the sheer scale and splendour of the Western Cape.

Spring is the best time to visit this area and to tackle the Rondegat 4x4 Trail. At this time, the dam is full and the wildflowers have erupted into colourful bloom. The temperatures are also not as extreme as summer and winter.

The Cederberg Wilderness covers an area of 7 100 hectares and is a nature-lover’s delight. It is home to an exquisite array of fauna and flora, and promises gorgeous backdrops for photographs and, more importantly, lifelong memories. As such, this entire region offers other outdoor activities, which are open to those who are visiting for the 4x4 trail. These include bird watching, game viewing, hiking, mountain biking, waterskiing, sailing and fishing.

Rondegat 4x4 Trail

WHERE?  Just outside Clanwilliam in the Cederberg, Western Cape

WHEN?  Booking is required.

HOW?  Call +27 (0)27 482-2527

HOW MUCH?  Price on request

The Cederberg Mountain Range is a massive natural treasure that is also laden with culture and history. In addition, it is the backdrop to one of the oldest towns in South Africa, Clanwilliam. While small, this town continues to lure tourists from all corners of the earth for its charm and heritage. Just 15 kilometres from Clanwilliam is the Rondegat 4x4 Trail.